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Rick Cornish visiting reporter Jan. 17, 2008
17 January 2008

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Walter Bailes Birthday
Bill and Charlie Monroe first recording for Bluebird
Steve Earle Birthday
Frank (Hylo) Brown died

The Barwick Report hey gang. Don't forget, blues, folks, & originals with Poetic Justis, this Thursday 1/17 @ the Fox & Goose. We start at 8 pm, play till whenever. No cover. PoJus is Michael Justis, mouth, harmonica & guitar; Steve McLean, vocals and all sorts of guitary things, and moi avec le dobro (la dobra??? nah). Warren will probably be there on percussion, and Frank may be playing bass again as well. The Fox & Goose is at 10th & R streets in downtown Sacramento. See you there! Kathy Barwick

2009 Grass Valley Already?--Yes, it’s true. We’ve just booked our first band for the 2009 Fathers Day Line-Up and boy are we excited. The Daily/Vincent Band will be coming west. This new band, which debuted in our CBA suite at Nashville this past October, is sweeping across the east coast like a tidal wave. Here’s to Carl Pagter for sticking with this negotiation until we got the deal done.

Sonoma Online--Mark Hogan, our Sonoma Festival Director and Josh Micheals, our E-Commerce Manager, has collaborated to get tickets for the North Coast event on the CBA web site. These ‘ticketless’ tickets are easy to buy and you don’t need to remember to bring them along to the event. A simple click of the button right HERE to grab your tickets. Last year’s March classic was hugely fun….try to make it this year.

CBA Band Selection Process--Thanks to long time CBA member Dave Megram for suggesting that we get our band selection procedure on the web site PERMANENTLY. Yes, we’ve posted it here many times since it was adopted four years ago, but only when folks requested to see it. Now it’s on for good. Click here to have a look. For future reference, a link to the procedure can be found in the ‘Click here to everything’ in the right column of our splash page.

Money, Money, Money--In case you missed it yesterday, we’ve also posted our official financial report for 2007 here on the web site. This report is required by both state and federal governments. To have a look, Click here. A very, very sincere thank you to our Treasurer, Ed Alston, for the enormous amount of time and effort he put into preparing the report.

Geff on Jam--By popular demand, or at least by lack of popular refusal, the Old-Time/Celtic jam session will be reprised this Sunday, January 20, from 12:00 noon to 3:00 p.m. at Bellotti's Restaurant, inside the American Exchange Hotel, 53 Main Street, Sutter Creek. This curtain call will be performed on banjos, fiddles, guitars, tinwhistles, lingerie boards, banjo-ukes, ukuleles, mandolins, dobros, standup basses and other traditional acoustic instruments. Flowers would certainly be thrown onto the stage, if there was one. Bows will be taken, or reaching for dropped picks will be mistaken for them. The cast party will be held during the performance. Thank you, thank you.

And speaking of Motherlode James--The Jamestown Jam is NO MORE; however the new venue is the Old Stan in Sonora so now we have the Sonora Jam. This is a second and fourth Friday jam, with the first get together happening January 25 at 7:00PM This jam has no ending time so people are welcome to play-on. Thanks to new Old Stan owner Peter (McGrath’s) Barnato for letting us come in and make some bluegrass. And a VERY, VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Jose Morales for five absolutely wonderful years at the Smoke. It would be impossible in this space to fully describe the continued and varied support he and his staff showed we Mother Lode pickers.

Peter Thompon says Turn Your Radio On--“Bluegrass Signal” is broadcast on KALW (91.7 FM, on Saturdays from 6:30 – 8:00 pm.

Featured on the next two programs -
Jan. 19: Previews of RBA's Spring Season (see details below)
Jan. 26: Bluegrass Saturday Night ...
... is the title of a song Rhonda Vincent’s on brand-new album, and a subject referred to in earlier songs by Ted Lundy & Bob Paisley, Jimmy Martin, Country Gentlemen, Bill Monroe, Dudley Connell & Don Rigsby, Big Country Bluegrass, Marty Raybon, and others. It also describes 6:30 to 8:00 pm on KALW.

Redwood Bluegrass Associates Spring/08 Season

Jan. 26: Rustler's Moon with Kathy Kallick & Bill Evans – plus special guest Megan Lynch; The David Thom Band opens

Feb. 23: The Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band with Jody Stecher, Keith Little, and Paul Knight

Mar. 15: The Infamous Stringdusters

April 19: The Mighty Crows; The Tuttle Family opens

A RBA Spring/08 Season Ticket is only $50 for all four concerts; that’s four shows for the price of three.

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