Eggs Al La Mexicana Beef Sausage J.D.'s Buttermilk and Oat Flour Hotcakes Howdy, Howdy, Howdy! September, already? The days get longer and the years get shorter when you're over 50! (Way over 50!) That's OK though, because it won't be long until ol Momma Nature brings us cool nights and the warm days of Indian summer again. I just love fall here in my beloved Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. I'm always reminded of dolly Parton's song, "Coat of Many Colors," when the leaves start to turn their beautiful colors every fall. It won't be long until I'll have to put my outdoor kitchen away until next summer. That's the part I miss the most when it starts raining and storming again. Just a little update on the festival I went to in July in Westcliffe, Colorado. The town got behind it 100% and the attendance was great, as was the music! They're gonna do it again next year and that's great for the music. But! As usual, we didn't find the best place in town to eat until the last morning we were there. (What's new?) We being, Mary Jo, Charlie, Danny and Brian of the Dry Branch band and my own self. You folks don't really realize how good the food is here in California until you get about 1500 miles away from home! My good friend Don Evans was in Denver for about year going to gunsmith school and he was absolutely aghast that they had no white corn in the supermarkets, let alone know what it is! (Try to buy some pine nuts in Virginia or some Brie cheese in Owensboro, Kentucky and see what kind of blank looks you get!) However, there was a Mexican food vendor at the festival that I befriended. By the time the festival was over, he and I were good friends. I told him not to fix me any "gringo" burritos. I said I wanted 'em like his momma used to fix 'em for him. Burritos and ice-cold beer for lunch and supper from there on! Almost as good as our Taco Joe's were! All this chin music about vittles has got a case of the slobbers just about throwed on me, so come on in here where its cool, grab an ice cold Shiner Bock out of the ice chest and we'll palaver and "made medicine" over some vittles and their fixins! A few years ago when we did that festival in Santa Maria, California, I found this little Mexican Café where I had breakfast every morning. They fixed a dish called "Eggs a la Mexicana" that I really enjoyed. One morning I got the waitress to tell me how they fixed it. Folks, whipping up a mess of this dish is easier than falling off of a skinny, peeled, foot log over ol Piney Creek. In fact, I fixed all three of this month's recipes for my pard Pat Russell (of the infamous, rustling Russells) and my own self for breakfast this morning (8/12/03). This was the first one! Eggs Al La Mexicana 4 eggs, beaten 1/2 cup red onion, minced 1/2 cup bell pepper, chopped fine 1 pickled Jalapeno pepper, minced fine 1 TBSP fresh Cilantro, chopped fine 1 TBSP bacon grease Heat a heavy skillet over a medium flame. Sauté vegetables in grease for 8-10 minutes. Pour in the eggs, turn down flame to low, cook and turn until eggs are done. Serve with hot tortillas. Salud! Wrap a hot tortilla around some of these, slather with yer favorite hot sauce, and son it don't get no better than this! As my ol Texas buddy David Ligon would say, "This is how you ‘make medicine’!" You can use fresh Jalapenos in these if you wish. I keep a jar of the picked ones in my fridge because they're convenient and keep longer. In fact, any kind of fresh chili pepper works well in this recipe. The one ingredient you don't want to change is the type of grease. Use only bacon grease or lard or the flavor is totally ruined. When you have eggs for breakfast you've just naturally gotta have some good breakfast meat! Homemade sausage is where it's at! Here's how I whipped together a big hunk of beef sausage last night: Beef Sausage 1 lb. Lean ground beef 1 TBSP Kosher salt 2 TBSP fresh ground black Pepper 2 TBSP Italian seasoning 1 TBSP rubbed Sage 1 tsp. Garlic powder 1/2 cup dry red Wine Use a BIG bowl. Throw everything in the bowl. Mix together real good, using both hands, for about five minutes. Form into a ball, place in a plastic bag, seal and place in the refrigerator over night. Form into patties and fry in olive oil over medium heat, covered, so they don't dry out. Makes four good-sized patties. My pardner Pat got out of his truck about daylight this morning, sniffed the air like an old Catamount and yelled, I smell some sausage cookin'! He was right too! Needless to say, we disappeared all that I cooked! Well, along with the eggs and breakfast meat, you've just got to have some kind of breakfast bread! Now there are all different kinds of breakfast breads: toast, biscuits, bagels, scones, croissants, hoecakes, French toast, etc., but when it comes to breakfast here on Bluegrass Acres its usually Biscuits or good ol Hot Cakes! Call 'em what you want! Flapjacks, pancakes, griddlecakes, or hot cakes, I purely love 'em! This morning I mixed up a batch of Buttermilk Hotcakes, but this time I used Oat Flour instead of wheat flour. The taste is wonderful. They have kind of a light, nutty taste that you can only get from whole Oat flour. Along with the Oat flour I put a big tablespoon of Flax meal that really added to the flavor. (Not to mention all the good vitamins, oils, and tuff that are good for yer innards!) Needless to say, Pat and I disappeared a big stack of these too! J.D.'s Buttermilk and Oat Flour Hotcakes 1 1/2 cups Oat flour 1 TBSP Flax meal 2 eggs, beaten well 1 tsp. Baking soda 1 tsp. Baking powder 1/2 tsp. Kosher or Sea salt 2 cups Buttermilk Measure out and combine all dry ingredients in a bowl. No exceptions. In a separate bowl, beat the eggs for 2-3 minutes on high speed. For the cakes to come out light and fluffy, this is a must. Add the buttermilk to the eggs and mix well for about 2 minutes. Add the dry ingredients and mix well. Oat flour takes longer to absorb liquid, so let the batter sit for 20-30 minutes. Mix well again. If batter is too thick, add 1-2 tablespoons of water to thin it to the correct consistency. Cook on a medium-hot griddle whipped down with peanut oil. Makes 6 large hotcakes. Serve with pure Maple Syrup and real butter. Pure manna from heaven! Well folks, there's a real live genuine Cowboy Breakfast, straight from Bluegrass Acres here in the California mountains! The way the weather has been cooling off, I've got a feeling I just might be visiting with you all inside the house here next month. So make plans to join me by the ol cook stove right here and we'll palaver over some more good vittles. A big thank you to my good friend Ron Thomason for having me to Westcliffe, Colorado, as the Emcee of their festival. A better time I've never had in my life, Ron. It's always a pleasure to be and work with you and the band. To Mary Jo, Charlie, Brian and Danny, I love you guys, and we've got to do that more often. However, I hope Danny and Brian sleep about 10 miles up on the mountain! Even though two walls were between me and them, a 90 lb. Jackhammer would've been quiet in comparison! I've got a BIG jar of Snore-Ez for both of you next time! Please remember to keep our servicemen and women in your prayers. They're what allows us to enjoy the freedom we all have. Until next month, may God grant you all peace and health. Yer friend, J.D. Rhynes

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