Board Minutes Synopsis--10/2013
Tim Edes, Chairman of the Board, called the meeting to order at 10:05 AM at the CBA Fall Campout, Lodi Harvest Fairgrounds, Lodi, CA

Board Members Present: David Brace, Darby Brandli, Tim Edes, Montie Elston, Steve Goldfield, Dave Gooding, Mark Hogan, Jack Hyland, Jim Ingram, Geoffrey Sargent
Board Members Absent: Bruce Campbell
Officers Present: Marcos Alvira, Bruno Brandli, Rick Cornish, John Hettinger, Colleen Hogan, Vaughn Lew, Larry Phegley
Members Present: Larry Kuhn, Bill Meiners, Josh Micheals, Charlene Sims, Stuart Sims, Mark Varner, Brian Whitt

2013/2014 Board Members: David Brace, Darby Brandli, Tim Edes, Montie Elston, Steve Goldfield, Angelica Grim, Dave Gooding, Mark Hogan, Jack Hyland, Jim Ingram, Geoffrey Sargent
By-Law Change: Passed

The agenda was approved with six changes

Approval held over to the November Meeting.

Carl Pagtner asked to discuss increasing the CBA’s support of the Bluegrass Museum in Owensboro and the Bluegrass Foundation in Nashville. The Board asked Carl to email his suggestions to the Board for discussion at the November meeting.

The board approved the following Officers by unanimous vote:
Chairman of the Board: Tim Edes
President: Darby Brandli
Assistant to the Chairman: Geoff Sargent
Director of Operations: Rick Cornish
Secretary: Colleen Hogan
Treasurer: Montie Elston
Assistant Treasurer: Valerie Cornejo
Investment Advisor: Kelly Senior
Membership Management VP: Larry Phegley
Membership Recruitment VPs: Steve and Kathy West
Statewide Activities VPs: Vaughn and Glenda Lew

The board approved the following Area Activities VPs by unanimous vote:
Butte/Tehama – Lucy Smith
Central Coast – Roger Siminoff
Central San Joaquin – Stan Allen
Contra Costa – Bruce Campbell
Delta Sierra – Bill Schneiderman
East Bay – Bruno Brandli
Marin – Larry Carlin
Napa – Dan Martin
North Coast – Mark Hogan
Sacramento – John Hettinger
San Francisco – Chuck Poling
San Mateo County – Vicki Frankel
South San Joaquin – Craig Wilson
Solano/Yolo – Jenny Williams
South Bay/Monterey Bay – Larry Phegley
Stanislaus/Merced/Mariposa – Marcos Alvira.

The Member Giving VP is on hold.

The board approved the following Year Round Positions by unanimous vote:
Advance Mail-InTicket Sales – John Erwin
Audio Archive Project Co-Coordinator – Mark Hogan
Audio Archive Project Co-Coordinator – Dave Nielsen
Broadcast Publicity Coordinator – Brooks Judd
Comp Tickets Coordinator – Bill Meiners
Contract Legal Advisor – Whit Washburn
Corporate Sponsorship Coordinator – Lisa Burns
DJ Kids Lending Library – Bruce Long
E-Commerce Manager – Alicia Meiners
Entertainment Contract Reviewer – Jim Ingram
Instrument Raffle Coordinator– Charlene Sims
Insurance Advisor – Lee Hardesty
Kids on Bluegrass – Frank Solivan
Mercantile Coordinator – Brian Whitt
Music Camp Liaison – Geoff Sargent
Official Photographer – Bob Calkins
Official Photographer – Mike Melnyk
Official Photographer – Randy Shelton
Publicity Director – George Martin
Teen Ambassador – Max Schwartz
T-Shirt Design & Productions Committee: Tim Edes, David Brace, Darby Brandli
Volunteer Coordinator – Deb Livermore
Youth Program Coordinator – Darby Brandli

The IBMA Liaison position is open.

The board approved the following Grass Valley Festival appointments by unanimous vote:
Festival Director – David Brace
Assistant Festival Director – Tim Edes
Entertainment Coordinator – Jim Ingram
Backstage Hospitality Coordinator – Jennifer Kitchens
Dance Coordinator – John Lonczak
Electric Only Parking Coordinator – Mark Hogan
Full Hookup Lottery Coordinator – Craig Wilson
Gate Crew Coordinator – Ron Rose
Gate Ticket Sales – Mike McGar
Handicapped Camping – John Skarr
Handicapped Taxi Coordinator – Mike Martin
Instrument Raffle Booth Coordinator – Charlene Sims
KidFest Coordinator – Kathleen Rushing
Safety and Hospitality Coordinator – Chris Bockover
Signage Coordinator – Cameron Little
Slow Jam Coordinator – Dan Martin
Stage Lighting – Adam Brace
Stage Set Up Coordinator – Chris Olivolo
Storage Transport Coordinator – Roy West
Telephone Coordinator – Dorothy McCoy
T-Shirt Booth Coordinator – Dagmar Mansperger
Utility Coordinator – Patty Thorpe
Vern’s Stage Manager – Deb Livermore
Vern’s Entertainment Coordinator and Stage Setup – TJ Carskadon
Water Booth Coordinator – Carol Canby

The positons of Electrical/Trans./Comm. Coordinator and Ice Booth / Ice Wagon Coordinator are open.

The board approved the following other appointments by unanimous vote:
Annual Meeting Elections Coordinator – Josh Micheals
Sebastopol Festival Director – Mark Hogan
Old-Time Music Director – Steve Goldfield
Web Team Leader – Rick Cornish

The position of Kings River Festival Director is on hold.

The CBA has five permanent positions:
Ambassador At Large – Bob Thomas
Ambassador At Large – Frank Solivan
Chairman Emeritus – Carl Pagter
Director Emeritus – J.D. Rhynes

The position of Goodwill Ambassador is on hold.

The board approved the following Executive Committee by unanimous vote:
Tim Edes, Darby Brandli, Montie Elston, Geoff Sargent

The Board set the following Meeting Dates by unanimous vote:
November 16, 2013 (Saturday) – Oakland, CA
December 14, 2013 (Saturday) – Modesto, CA
January 11, 2014 (Saturday) – 48 Hour Jam, Bakersfield, CA
February 8, 2014 (Saturday) – Oakland, CA
March 9, 2014 (Sunday) – Petaluma, CA **11:00 AM**
April 2014 (TBD) – Spring Campout (Location and date to be determined)
May 17, 2014 (Saturday) – Oakland, CA
June 2014 – no meeting due to Father’s Day Festival
July 12, 2014 (Saturday) – Modesto, CA
August 2014 (TBD) – Good Old Fashioned Festival (Location and date TBD)
September 13, 2014 (Saturday) – Oakland, CA
October 2014 (TBD) – Fall Campout – date & location TBD

T shirt Design Committee:
Tim Edes presented rough artwork for a youth-oriented t-shirt design with animals and instruments. He asked for general approval to proceed with this theme, since it is not only the t-shirt logo but also the festival “brand”. Tim will present more refined artwork at the next Board Meeting.

Bass Amp and Instrument Stands:
Bruce Long donated instrument stands for backstage. Dave Gooding is still checking to see if he can get a bass amp donated, otherwise the CBA can get one at a non-profit price from one vendor.

Bluegrass Breakdowns and Software Request:
Mark Varner reported that he is looking into companies that offer up to 40% discount to non-profit organizations. The Board approved that he proceed with the purchase up to a specified dollar amount.

Fall Campout Update:
Vaughn Lew reported that turnout was good and there were no major problems. There was some noise from the nearby train, circus and football game, but not too bad. He did not have the financials at the time of the meeting but felt confident the CBA did well. No news yet about a location/date for the Spring Campout however it will probably be in Turlock.

Instrument Raffle:
Charlene Sims handed out a report on the Instrument Raffle. It did very well this year. There was an extra guitar for raffle. Charlene acknowledged a great volunteer staff at the GV booth this year.

Josh Michaels presented several options for dealing with issues that have come up on the website and e-commerce. The Board approved moving forward with a new email provider that will work with any merchant system we use.

IBMA Report:
Larry Kuhn reported that IBMA in Raleigh was an incredible event. Having only one hospitality suite made it much easier to manage, while also keeping the expenses down. The most pressing issue is finding Larry’s replacement by early 2014. This is a critical role, requiring someone with a good relationship with the IBMA among other skills and qualities. Larry will draft up a job description and timeline to submit with the Financial Report for the next Board Meeting. Larry acknowledged the Hospitality Team for their hard work, Sierra Nevada for the beer donation, and Carl Pagtner for donating the wine. Dave Gooding extended his appreciation to the CBA for their support of the four kids who performed at IBMA.

Great 48 Update and Showcase Budget:
Larry Phegley submitted a budget for Great 48. Dave Gooding reported that the band submissions for the Showcase are closed. There are more than enough submissions, however none coming from Southern California despite quite a bit of outreach on his part.

King's River Festival Report:
Stan Allen handed out a financial report for the King’s River Festival. Attendance was up slightly but the overall expenses were higher due to increased advertising. The festival was in the red by a significant dollar amount.

Mercantile Update:
Mercantile Coordinator Brian Whitt handed out an updated inventory list. He does not have item costs or purchase history at this time. Will make recommendations to the Board about items to discount (to move inventory) and which items to purchase once he has the sales and purchase data.

Membership Developer:
Darby Brandli proposed that the CBA work with a membership developer to put together an analysis of CBA membership demographics, and to create a business proposal for professional membership development. She is organizing a meeting with the Executive Committee and any Board Members who can attend. The membership number is 2484 as of 10/19/13

Executive Committee Report:
The Executive Committee reported no decisions or actions between meetings.

Membership Report:
The Membership VP, Larry Phegley, stated he had nothing to add to the previous discussion about membership.

Treasurer's Report:
Montie Elston handed out an updated Balance Sheet. A P&L for the FDF is available.

Music Camp Report:
279 people participated in Music Camp this year, with 223 of those paying (including Fungrass.) Prior camps have sold out but there was room for an additional 18 students this year. The CBA Music Camps do not have a real presence nationally and internationally, which is something to work on. Full registration for 2014 will not open until February but there will be an opportunity to purchase something in December (a coupon or deposit) to give as holiday gifts.

Area VP Reports:
Sacramento Area – John Hettinger reported that there are ten jams going in the Sacramento area, three of them weekly. He has a house concert planned for 11/24 with the Kathy Kallick Band.

South Bay/Montery Bay Area – Larry Phegley stated that attendance at three jams he attends is down during football season but the other two in his area are doing well. One of the jams is now happening at a local rest home and is well received. A lot of students and families were exposed to the music during move-in day at the university, but they were so busy that not many people stopped to listen. 2/22/14 is the Night at the Grange with the Quebe Sisters.

Stanislaus/Merced/Mariposa Area – Marcos Alvira is setting up a new place for a public jam in downtown Merced. The Modesto jam at Queen Bee 1st & 2nd Tuesday is going well.

North Coast Area – Mark Hogan announced the line-up for the 2014 Sonoma County Bluegrass & Folk Festival (3/8/2014) and handed out some preliminary flyers. He also announced the date for the re-vamped Cloverdale Fiddle Festival, which will be the first Saturday in April 4/5/2014.

President's Report:
Fundraising has started for the Youth Academy 2014. The raffle and other efforts at the campout raised about $500 this weekend. Enrollment starts 1/1/2014 for the 2014 camp.

Chairman's Report:
Tim Edes stated that the agenda covered everything he needed to talk about at this time.

Meeting adjourned at 2:35 pm.

The next meeting is Saturday, November 16, 2013 at 10 AM at the Brandli home in Oakland, CA.
Posted By:  Colleen Hogan

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