Board Minutes Synopsis--01/2013

Tim Edes, Chairman of the Board, called the meeting to order at 9:55AM at the Bakersfield DoubleTree Hotel, Bakersfield, CA.

Board Members Present: David Brace, Darby Brandli, , Tim Edes, Montie Elston, Dave Gooding, Mark Hogan, Jack Hyland, Jim Ingram, Geoffrey Sargent
Board Members Absent: Steve Goldfield, Bruce Campbell
Officers Present: Colleen Hogan, Rick Cornish, Lucy Smith, Stan Allen, Marcos Alvira
Members Present: Rich Evans, Kathleen Rushing, Bill Meiners

After seven additions, the agenda was set and approved.

The December 9, 2012 Minutes were approved

The Board continues to recruit for the following positions:
Member Giving VP
Membership Recruitment VP
Ice Booth/Ice Wagon Coordinator
Gate Crew Coordinator
Stage Lighting (on hold)
Sign Coordinator

Trademark Update
Geoff Sargent consulted a lawyer to determine the cost of protecting CBA trademarks. The CBA may be able to get this done pro bono.

Inventory Update
Jack Hyland reported that the mercantile inventory is almost complete. The next step is for Jack to put together a proposal for items to purchase before FDF.

T-Shirt Committee Update
The T-Shirt Committee is on track for considering designs for the Fathersí Day Festival.

Modesto Concert
David Brace is planning a local concert in April 2014. He is working to secure several large sponsors.

The Raleigh Hotel is hosting a meeting 4/14/13 to talk to groups like the CBA. The Board will establish a budget for this meeting.

Chico Concert
Lucy Smith, Butte/Tehama Area VP, was on hand to discuss the upcoming Jan 22 concert with Audie Blaylock & Redline. Estimated attendance is 100 people. The CBA is sponsoring this event.

People Mover at FDF
The Board discussed the need to come up with a new plan for the People Mover at Grass Valley. The options are to 1) use the one the Fairgrounds has, although it is not self-propelled and does not have good handicap access or 2) purchase a flatbed trailer, 16í x 7í in size. Rich Evans is willing to donate the top part of the People Mover if we purchase the flatbed trailer and find someone with a truck to pull it during the festival. David Brace is visiting the GV Fairgrounds later this month and volunteered to check out their People Mover as well as used trailers in the Grass Valley area.

Band Schedule FDF
Jim Ingrams handed out a proposed schedule for FDF and asked Board Members to get back to him with suggestions. Jim also reported that he contacted the Showcase bands, whether they were selected or not, and they were all very appreciative of the follow-up. Many bands had questions about the selection process for Vernís Stage, which he referred to the Area VPs.

Area Activities VP Job Description
A committee of Mark Hogan, Bob Thomas and David Brace has formed to revisit the job description and duties of the Area Activities Vice President position. The Board and Area VPs agree that there is a lack of clarity about their position. David Brace suggested that the Spring Campout is a good place to hold a meeting for Area VPs to bring them together for training and support.

2013 Old Time Gathering Budget
Steve Goldfield emailed a budget ahead of time for Board approval. It is similar to last year except less money for posters/flyers.

Wintergrass Sponsorship for Frank Sullivan
The Board approved $500 for a Wintergrass Sponsorship

Lisa Burns emailed the Board an outline of the Sponsorship Levels for the Fathersí Day Festival. Montie recommended that the Board make her aware of new sponsorship options, such as signs on the people mover, use of scrims on stage, etc., as she moves forward with securing sponsorships.

Membership Report
Bruce Campbell sent his report via email. As of 1/1/13, there are 2354 members as per the CBA website. Thirty-two memberships expired in October have been pulled from the numbers.

Treasurerís Report
Montie Elston passed out the Balance Sheet for 2012. The budgeting process has begun for 2013.

Music Camp Report
Geoff Sargent reported that more teachers have confirmed. He will give an updated list of teachers and classes to Mark Varner to publish in the Breakdown. Since registration opened on 12/15/12, thirty-nine people have registered with a few additional people signed up for drop-in classes.

Area Activities VP Reports
Stan Allen, Central San Joaquin Valley
Stan is working on the Kings River Festival, scheduled 9/27/13-9/29/13. The budget is virtually the same as in prior years.

Mark Hogan, North Bay
Mark reported that the line-up for the Sonoma County Bluegrass & Folk Festival, to be held March 10 in Sebastopol, was almost finalized. He dropped one band slot this year to make sure he comes in below budget, and has expanded the time for break and workshops.

Marcos Alvira, Stanislaus/Merced/Mariposa
Marcos stated that he would greatly appreciate more guidance on the expectations and duties of Area VPS, especially in relation to promoting local events. Tim Edes congratulated him on the CBA radio show, which has a growing listener-ship.

South Bay/Monterey Bay Activities VP
Tim Edes reported for Larry Phegly. The jams are going well in their area. In addition, they are currently seeking to attain their sponsorship goal for ďA Night at the GrangeĒ.

Presidentís Report
Darby would like to revisit e-script as a means of revenue generation. Montie mentioned that there are pros and cons to e-script and it has not raised much money. The S.H.A.R.E. Card accounts may be more viable. The Board needs to find better ways to promote it.

Chairmanís Report
Tim Edes stated that the agenda covered everything he wanted to discuss at this time. He thanked everyone for supporting him during the leadership transition.

The Great 48
The Great 48 was a success. The hotel sold out, with 93% of the rooms occupied by Bluegrass people and some overflow to local hotels. There were a few complaints about noise in the 24-hour jam areas.

Next meeting is Saturday, 2/9/13 10am at David Braceís house, 1704 Banyan Court, Ceres, CA.

Meeting adjourned at 1:35pm.
Posted By:  Colleen Hogan

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