2011 FDF Full Hook-Up Lottery

(Since publicity for the 2011 Father’s Day Festival full hookup (FHU) Lottery was delayed this year, deadlines for application/selection and notification are being extended as noted below.

Obtaining FHU reservations for our annual Grass Valley gala has long posed a challenge. With only some 38 such spaces available, and with a first-come/first-served system determining who gets reservations, anyone who failed to call on the very day reservations opened – some seven months prior to the festival – stood little chance of reserving a FHU site. Starting with the 2008 festival the CBA’s board moved to improve the FHU reservation system. It adopted the below- outlined policy to insure fairness and convenience in awarding FHU reservations to future festival attendees.

In brief, this policy requires every member wanting to reserve a FHU space to first enter a qualifying lottery. To so enter, one need only mail his/her name, address, phone no., and CBA member number or submit that information via e-mail to the FHU Lottery Coordinator by January 15, 2011 (note: deadline extended to January 31 for 2011 FDF)) – no multiple entries permitted. Those who place sufficiently high in the lottery to qualify for a reservation must tender their FHU fee of $200 plus purchase or possession of (comp eligible) at least one 4-day festival pass to CBA by the date given in the notification of lottery results.

The remaining lottery entrants will be placed, in order, on a waiting list for notification whenever a reservation opens up. Anyone who might want to reserve a FHU space next June is strongly encouraged to read through the CBA’s FHU lottery policy:


1. Reservation Lottery System: Effective immediately, reservations for FHU sites at Father’s Day Festival (FDF) will be determined strictly by lottery. Lottery placement will govern assignment of specific reservable FHU sites (where requested by reservation holders).

2. Determining Reservable FHU Sites: By the December board meeting of the year preceding FDF, the Festival Director will submit to CBA’s board the number of FHU sites to be made available through lottery, along with a list of FHU sites to be preemptively reserved for entertainers and for specific festival personnel.

3. Exemptions from Lottery:
(a) Every lifetime CBA member will be exempt from the lottery process, and entitled to one FHU reservation, so long as s/he (1) requests a reservation before December 15th of the year preceding FDF (Note: extended to January 15, 2011 for the 2011 FDF), and (2) complies with deadline for payment of FHU fees. (Note: some electrical hook-ups are available in the handicapped camping sections with some closer to the stage area.)

(b) Any CBA member with disability requiring FHU amenities will be exempt from the lottery process, and is entitled to one FHU reservation, so long as s/he (1) provides his/her DMV placard no. and requests a reservation before December 15th of the year preceding FDF (Note: extended to January 15, 2011 for the 2011 FDF), and (2) complies with deadline for payment of FHU fees.

(c) The board may authorize additional exemptions for good cause at any duly noticed board meeting prior to January 1 of each year.

4. Lottery Eligibility: Every CBA member in good standing who intends to buy a 4-day FDF ticket, and who will not have a reservation through exemption, is eligible to enter the FHU reservation lottery. Each CBA membership number is restricted to just one lottery entry. No lottery entry may be transferred.

5. Reservations Non-Transferable: No FHU reservation may be transferred, whether obtained through exemption or through lottery. If a reservation holder is compelled to cancel his/her reservation, CBA will refund the amount paid consistent with existing refund policy, and will offer that reservation to the next person in order on the FHU waiting list.

6. Lottery Procedure:
(a) Each participating CBA member will mail (or e-mail) his/her entry, without payment of any fee, to the FHU Lottery Coordinator, beginning November 1 of the year preceding FDF. Each entry must list entrant’s name, address, phone no., and CBA no. Applications by e-mail must be directed to: cbahookups08@gmail.com to insure processing. Should applications be directed to any other private e-mail address, including the FHU Lottery coordinator, there is no guarantee they can or will be entered into the lottery process. Entries may be in any legible format which includes all requisite information. If confirmation of entry receipt is desired, SASE must accompany mail entry; all e-mail entries will be confirmed by reply e-mail.

(b) Entries will close January 15th – entries postmarked after January 15th will be added to the bottom of the waiting list, in order of postmark dates. (Note: closing date extended to January 31 for the 2011 FDF).

(c) The FHU Lottery Coordinator will confirm eligibility of all entries received. S/he will then assign sequential numbers (beginning with 1) to each valid entrant, and prepare confidential listing of this data. This list will be placed in sealed envelope marked “CONFIDENTIAL – NOT TO BE OPENED UNTIL LOTTERY CONDUCTED.”

(d) Within three days following close of entries, the FHU Lottery Coordinator will telephone or e-mail CBA Chair, Director of Operations, and Festival Director to convey the number of valid entries received. These three will thereupon select (by majority decision) a procedure for prioritizing each entrant’s number by a wholly random method.

(e) The selected procedure will be completed in the presence of at least two disinterested board members or officers not later than January 25. (Note: extended to February 10 for the 2011 FDF). When completed, the FHU Lottery Coordinator will then open the aforesaid sealed confidential envelope, and match results with entrants names, to compile a prioritized list for dissemination to concerned staff.

(f) The FHU Lottery Coordinator will convey the prioritized list not later than January 30th (Note: extended to February 15 for the 2011 FDF) to Festival Director, and E-Commerce and Advance Ticket Coordinators. Each coordinator will retain this list through June of the following year.

(g) The FHU Lottery Coordinator will then notify all entrants of their placement in the lottery, that is, numerical position on either the reservation holders list, or the waiting list.

(h) Notification of lottery results will be made by post card to every entrant, unless s/he requests otherwise. Notification to “winners” will include BOLD-FACE UPPER-CASE advisory of deadlines for (a) payment of FHU fees, and (b) for purchase of at least one 4-day festival ticket, together with advisory that failure to meet either deadline will cause reservation to be forfeited [with return of fees tendered, consistent with CBA’s refund policy].

(i) Deadline for payment of FHU fees will be set at least 10 business days after notification. Deadline for reservation holders’ payment of 4-day FDF ticket fees will be set at least one month after the FHU-fees deadline at Early Bird ticket prices.

(j) Should any of the above-noted intermediate deadlines be extended in conducting the lottery, subsequent deadlines (e.g. for payment of FHU fees and purchase of 4-day FDF tickets) will likewise be extended.

(k) Any member desiring to appeal lottery results must so notify CBA’s board within 10 days of receipt of notification of such results. The board will decide such appeal consistent with its written procedures, and within 45 days, unless good cause exists for continuance.

7. Policy Revision: This policy, adopted Sept. 2007, will be subject to board review after each festival, whereat the board will consider input from any interested CBA member. Revision of this policy may be effected consistent with CBA’s by-h
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