There’s a new Librarian in Town

A GREAT big “Thank You!” goes out to Steve & Sharon for giving this program a very good start. There are over seventy-five instruments in the library. Right now there are about twenty-five instruments on loan. The library location has moved from Castro Valley to Roseville, California. The email contact has also changed to: kidslendinglibrary@gmail.com. Yes folks, there is a new librarian in town. My name is Bruce M Long, I’m the new librarian!

As I recall, in high school I worked in the library. A few years later I found myself working in the “crews” library as I was being transitioned out of the U.S. Navy. Then, many years later when I reentered college, I worked in the library at night just to make ends meet. So now I find it pretty wild to be, yet again, working in the library. The Darrell Johnston Kids Lending Library (DJKLL.) A place that really feels like home.

Now folks, I’m not here to mess around. I’ve got about fifty instruments from guitars to open back banjos. Most are gently used, few are brand new! There are fiddles, fiddles, and even more fiddles! Please, set a goal for yourself to help me find kids that are interested in borrowing these instruments. It is my goal to get these instruments into the hands of kids that really want to learn to play.

I would like to make a request to the kids out there already borrowing an instrument. Please send me a photo of you and the instrument that you are borrowing. Also include with the photo some information about the experience you are having with the instrument that you are borrowing. Songs that you are learning. Bands (small or large) that you have joined. Any future gigs that you might be playing. I would love to share your story with all of the CBA members.

Thank you for letting me be your librarian. Send all requests to: kidslendinglibrary@gmail.com.

Any and all donations will be excepted. Send monetary donations to: DJKLL Ed Alston, P. O. Box 6954, Santa Maria, CA 93456. I will except instruments, strings, picks, capos, tuners, learning material, etc... Mail small items to: DJKLL, Bruce Long, P. O. Box 843, Roseville, CA 95678.

Thank you, to all that encourage a child to learn music and an instrument.

Bruce M. Long

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Posted By:  Rick Cornish

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