One--Kids must be between the ages of 3 to 17 to borrow an instrument. (At eighteen the instrument must be returned to the Kids Lending Library)

Two--The family of the child borrowing the instrument, must be a current member of The California Bluegrass Association and must remain a member throughout the entire loan of the instrument.

Three--The borrower must pay a one time fee of $20.00.

Four--The borrower must complete an application.

Five--The borrower must take the instrument to an approved and assigned luthier every six months to be checked for condition and care. Assigned luthiers may provide some minor repairs. Must provide proof of receipt from luthier checkup to management team of Lending Library.

Six--Borrower must notify management team of the Lending Library immediately if instrument is lost or damaged.

Seven--Must provide proof that instrument is being used and learned by providing receipt from lessons and/or must attend at least one CBA Bluegrass Festival per year to meet with an assigned person to show significant improvement in skill level each year.

Eight--At any time, an instrument may be exchanged for another instrument providing another is available.

Nine--Borrower must NOT loan instrument to anyone not on the lending agreement.

Ten--Borrower must notify the management team of the Lending Library immediately if there are any changes to the address, phone number or e-mail address.

Eleven--The CBA tag that is attached to the instrument may NOT be removed. If it comes off, borrower must notify management team immediately. (Assigned luthiers will NOT provide check-up or work without this tag.)

Twelve--Borrower must return instrument immediately if not being used or cared for.

Thirteen--Borrower must make arrangements directly with the management team of the Lending Library to return instrument when instrument is no longer needed.

Fourteen--Child MUST HAVE FUN while learning to play the instrument.

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Posted By:  Rick Cornish

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