Remember J.D. Crowe’s famous quote: “The notes you play aren’t as important as the spaces between the notes.” (OK, I know these probably weren’t his exact words, and somebody’s bound to correct me on this, but I think I’ve captured the sentiment.) With that in mind, the following sites and publications provide plenty of fodder for the aspiring banjoist.

The Banjo Newsletter is a monthly publication covering all aspects of the 5-string banjo. It has been published continuously since 1973 and contains regular columns by Tom Adams, Pete Wernick, Bob Carlin and Ken Perlman.

Angie's Banjo & Free Silver Strings Newsletter
where we're all about banjos, banjo instructions for all levels of banjo players. This web site was built for folks wanting to learn to play the banjo later in life. We hope you’ll find it useful in finding what you need to start out the right way on your banjo learning journey. Our goal is to share what we’ve learned over the past several years in searching out the best banjo instructional books, CDs and DVDs to develop a solid foundation in learning the banjo.

This page is in progress and there will be more to come. Please let us know if you have ideas for additional resources.

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Posted By:  Sean Brennan/Ran Bush

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