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The CBA values each and every member in our bluegrass family. Those who volunteer their time and services are especially appreciated. The ability to put on the Fathers’ Day Festival at Grass Valley is due, in large part, to the many faithful and hardworking volunteers. There are many tasks that go into putting together such a large event. We could not do it without our volunteers. The same holds true, for smaller events such as concerts and campouts.

Members can also volunteer to serve in other capacities, such as with web team activities, merchandise sales, serving on the band selection committee, submitting articles for the Bluegrass Breakdown, or heading up other fund raising activities. Here’s an idea. How about running for a position on the CBA Board Of Directors, or serving as an officer?

Some volunteers have graciously served for events without accepting a comp ticket. If you can afford to do that, the CBA is grateful. However, if that presents a hardship for some of our hard workers, it is not a requirement; their services are still needed.

Don’t forget to faithfully attend as many festivals and concerts as you can. Successful events lead to more events.

Give the Gift of Membership

Your enthusiasm for bluegrass, old time, and gospel music can be shared with others by giving a first time membership to a friend or family member. This could plant the seed that causes those individuals to become “hooked on bluegrass.”

Become a Sponsor

Another way you could help to cut the cost of CBA events would be to monetarily sponsor or cosponsor an event or an activity at an event (such as the dinner at a campout). The CBA already has sponsors that donate to festival activities and concerts, whose contributions are definitely appreciated. This is a good way for those who own businesses to help the CBA, and to enjoy a tax deduction as well.

Give a Music Camp Scholarship

A great way to help preserve our bluegrass heritage is to get more people interested our music. And, a good way to do that is to get more people interested in playing the music. Those who attend the CBA Music Camp usually come away with more knowledge of their instrument (or voice) and skill in performing. Additionally, they express more enthusiasm for playing and singing. Through the generosity of others, some less fortunate students were able to attend on donated scholarships. The donation of a music camp scholarship is a good investment in the future of bluegrass, old time and gospel music.


Businesses that advertise in the Bluegrass Breakdown and on the CBA web site can reach the eyes of thousands of members and bluegrass fans, not to mention the financial boost it provides the CBA. Our bluegrass family in Northern and Central California has grown subtantially in recent years.....the Brekadown has a distribution of over 6,000 per month, and ‘hits’ on our web site range from 7,500 to 14,000 per day. That’s a lot of folks who’d like to do business with fellow bluegrassers!


Monitary donations have been a mainstay of the Association over the years. Donations can be made while renewing memberships or really any time. Members can designate their contribution to one or more of the CBA’s several funds, such as the Heritage Fund, The Ted Ervin Kids on Bluegrass Fund, the Darrell Johnston Instrument Lending Library, the IBMA Activities Fund, etc. The Association can also point members in the right direction for securing assistance in setting up trusts, bequests and other planned gifts. And of course the California Bluegrass Association is a nonprofit charitable organization so all contributions to the CBA are tax deductible.

Oh, and lest we forget, the CBA is always interested in recieving banjos, fiddles, guitars, bases, dobros and mandolins for its Darrell Johnson Lending Library.

To learn more about this opportunities to support the California Bluegrass Association, contact John Duncan, our Member Giving Vice President….

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Posted By:  Rick Cornish

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