X Hooked--Matt Milan
How I got hooked on bluegrass goes something like this,One Saturday morning about 5 years ago I found myself working at a fellows house in Loomis and by chance I had tuned in to Eric Rice and the county line bluegrass show on KVMR from Nevada City.While chatting with the homeowner about the music I mentioned that I had been threatening to take Banjo lessons for a couple of years,to my surprise he pipes up "my dads got a banjo in the attic ya wanna buy it?" I stammered ,yea...sure.. maybe!. Now at this point I don't know which end of this thing you even play! but he insisted I take it for awhile,so I did.Next thing you know I'm down at the 5th string taking lessons and thats all she wrote! Well ,12 different Banjos,3 teachers and 4 FDF's later that bluegrass bug bite still really itches.
Posted By:  Rick Cornish

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