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Please check to make sure the event has been posted to the calendar.

To edit or delete an event after you've posted it, or to have a recurring event posted on the calendar (e.g., first and third Monday of each month) send an email to rickcornish7777@gmail.com
Thanks for adding an event to the online calendar.
Your email address: Please enter your email address so we can contact.
Begin Date: Use "End" date only if the event is scheduled for multiple days. If you are entering a continuing event (e.g., regular band dates on first and third Fridays) do not select either a begin or end date.
End Date:
Venue-Related Event:
Events fall into two categories: venue-related events (band dates, regular jams, etc. held at clubs, cafes, coffee houses, etc.) and other events (festivals, campouts, jams at schools or churches, concerts held at non-commercial venues, etc.). Choose one or the other but not both.
Add Venue if not on list:
Other Event:
Use the appropriate pull down menu to select a venue-related event or other event. When you do this, several of the fields below will be filled in automatically. If you don’t find the venue or event you want to post, use the appropriate text box below the pulldown and fill in the fields below that are related to it (e.g., city, e-mail, web site, etc.) The next time you post an event, the new venue or event you entered will appear in the appropriate pull down, along with the other related fields.
Add event if not on list:
Location: Use this field for street address, directions, etc.
City: Use the pull down menus to select the city and county in which the event will be held. If the city or county is not included in the pull down, use the text field below the pull down to type it in. The city will be added to the pull down for future postings. (Ignore County field if event is out of state.)
Web Address: Please be sure to include the "http://" portion of the URL.
Event/Venue Details: Use this field to include any important details about the event (e.g., start end times, admission cost, camping information, etc.) And you can use this space to include general information about the venue (e.g., “best pizza in town”, etc.)
Single Band:
If only one band is appearing at this event, use the pull down to select the band. If the band is not included in the pull down, type the and name into the box below the pull down; the next time you post an event, the band will be included in the pull down.

If the event is non-band related (e.g., jam, campout, etc.) make no selection here or in the fields below.
Type in band if not on list:
Multiple Bands:

Add This Band
Events such as festivals will feature multiple bands. Use the pull down menu and the control key on your keyboard to select multiple bands. If a band is not included on the pull down, use the text box below it to type the band name in and then click on the “Add” button. These bands will be added to the pull down for future postings.
Type in band if not on list:

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