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Stairwell Sisters

Band Members: 
Lisa Berman - dobro, guitar, banjo
Evie Ladin - banjo, clogging
Martha Hawthorne - bass
Stephanie Prausnitz - fiddle
Sue Sandlin - guitar, tiple
All of the sisters sing.
Those pep-stepping San Francisco darlings, THE STAIRWELL SISTERS, are cutting a new figure in old-time music. With a deep and lively repertoire of timeless tunes plus a solid standing of original material that is already winning praise, the Stairwell Sisters lay down concerts and square dances for counter-culturalists of every generation. Energetic musicianship, tight vocal arrangements and red-hot buckdancing make for a kicking quintet that delivers spanking good listening and dancing.

Stephanie Prausnitz (fiddle) and Evie Ladin (banjo/clogging) are steeped in the old-time repertoire, bringing tunes with just the right chomp and jive to suit the quintet's dynamic feel. Lisa Berman's unique approach to the dobro adds a grit that walks a line through country and blues. Martha Hawthorne (bass) and Sue Sandlin (guitar/tiple) motor the band forward with their lock-step rhythm. All of the sisters sing, and they have a knack for infusing the old music with intoxicating energy and soul.

The stairwell has never sounded better.

The Stairwell Sisters play concerts, square dances, and teach workshops in old-time music and Southern Appalachian clogging.

Listen to mp3 clips here: http://www.stairwellsisters.com/store.html

"A powerhouse ensemble"

"Vocal prowess with skilled multi-instrumental chops and a hellbent-for-leather attitude."
Mailing Address: 
PO Box 3408
Oakland, CA 94609
Recorded Music: 
The Stairwell Sisters (2003 Yodel-Ay-Hee)
Feet All Over the Floor (2005 Yodel-Ay-Hee)

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