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The Spillit Quikkers

Band Members: 
Jimbo G.- 5 string banjo, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, upright bass, & caterwauling.
Steven Z.- Fiddle & crooning.
Jenny T.- Guitar & singing.
Jack K.- Upright bass, mandolin, hootin' & hollerin'.
These 2007 Sacramento SAMMIES nominees play good tunes for good times. As a group, they tend to careen to the left and right of traditional American music. They're what they like to call a "new-fangled, old timey, California string band." Playing not only hoe-downs and breakdowns, they also like to throw a variety of other numbers into the mix as well as some of the tunes that they've written over the years. Stop by their website to find out more! Better yet, c'mon out and experience the good times for yourself; they perform monthly at the Hoppy Brewing Company as well as at a variety of festivals, pubs, and events all over Northern California!
Mailing Address: 

Sacramento, CA 95820
Recorded Music: 
CD released 10/2006 - "New Fangled Old Time String Band Music From Northern California." Clocking in at nearly one hour of music and hi-jinks, tracks include:
-The Skillet Likker Breakdown
-Way Downtown
-Down Yonder
-Back Up & Push
-Soldier's Joy
-When the Leaves Turn Brown/Golden Slippers
-The Gal I Left Behind Me
-Sail Away Ladies
-Backbones & Spareribs/Mississippi Sawyer
-Ragtime Annie
-Poor Wayfaring Stranger
-Hesitation Blues
-The Chicken Reel
Sound Clips: 
Ragtiime Annie
Chicken Reel

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